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The Establishment of an iPad User Group for Adults with Aphasia

Practice Report
  • Rolf Black (University of Dundee)
  • Annalu Waller (University of Dundee)
  • Laorag Hunter (NHS Tayside)
  • Amy Hanschell (NHS Tayside)
  • Eddie Gasowski (Speakeasy)
  • Helen Gowland (Speakeasy)

In this paper we report on the establishment of an iPad User Group (IUG) for adults with aphasia. A collaboration between Speakeasy, Dundee University's School of Computing and the Tayside Speech and Language Therapy service, we will present feedback from on our experiences and future developments.


A focus group, facilitated by two speech and language therapists, was held to gather feedback from members of the IUG. The aim was to evaluate the first ten sessions of the IUG to inform future planning of the group and generate ideas for improvements to the focus and remit of the group.


Focus group participants were asked to reflect on: what to keep happening, or have more of, in the group; what to stop happening, or have less of, in the group; and new things to do in the group.


The Speakeasy and School of Computing collaboration is still young but already enjoys much enthusiasm from all participating parties. Members of the IUG expressed an interest in participating in teaching and research, with less focus on therapy delivered by the health service and more integration with the School of Computing.

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