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The Development of Specialised and Local AAC Services: An update

  • Sally Chan (Bristol Communication Aids Service)

In April 2013, specialised Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) services were confirmed as 'prescribed specialised services' by NHS England. In April 2014, £15 million per year was identified to be made available from NHS England as convergence funding for developing specialised AAC services. Fifteen services were identified, and have been allocated funding to develop as specialised, or hub, services.

Part of the remit of these services is to develop local AAC services, to ensure that everyone who requires an AAC systen has access to assessment and provison of equipment, as well as ongoing AAC support. This presentation will describe the process, where we are now, and the way forward. There will be a discussion time for participants to express their views and contribute to the way forward.

This has been a very positive period for AAC: an opportunity to build on the enduring work of many who have been able to influence decisions at a political and national level. By raising the profile of AAC through hard work over many years, and reaching out to decision makers, the value of AAC has been recognised and supported by this additional funding - no mean task in the current financial climate.

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