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Using Proloquo2Go 4 to Develop Language and Communication

  • David Niemeijer (AssistiveWare)
  • Jennifer Marden (AssistiveWare)

Proloquo2Go 4 is the most significant update of Proloquo2Go ever. Two years in the making, this release of the popular symbols-based AAC solution for iOS is bursting with new features to promote communication and language development. In this session we overview the new customization tools and redesigned vocabulary which will benefit family members and therapists customizing the app as well as AAC users communicating with the app. More than ever, Proloquo2Go 4 allows smooth expansion of vocabulary and grid-size as the user's experience with AAC and language skills develop. Proloquo2Go 4 also includes enhanced switch access features and a simplified editing interface. And last but not least, you can now create a user that is optimized for UK, with UK spelling, new UK-based symbols from SymbolStix, and fringe folders that prioritize UK content! Join us to learn more about the new Proloquo2Go!

Age Group 
All Ages