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What We Want to Know About AAC, What We Need to Know, and What the Difference Is: A map for researchers

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  • Joseph Reddington (Royal Holloway, University of London)

There are many researchers and projects that aim to increase the amount of information held about AAC use. However, it is often difficult to know which 'informational needs' will make the most immediate difference in the lives of AAC users. This work presents results from interviews with data stakeholders within the UK, and uses these results to define and make recommendations about the AAC data categories that need to be collected.


Data needs were identified with a program of phone interviews with data-users from government, charties, research institutions and practising SLTs and OTs.


This was an exploratory paper, so the results are the same as the conclusions.


We find that, internationally, there are few examples of data recording that would be useful to our identified stakeholders; and the majority of information about AAC is collected by academics or charities. Also, interviews with stakeholders lead us to conclude that the welfare of the AAC community is best served by the adoption of a small number of low cost additional questions to existing processes, spread amongst a range of services.

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