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Three’s Company: An experimental proposal for AAC

Research Stream
  • Norman Alm (University of Dundee)

Presenting a different approach to what an AAC system might be able do. Hi-tech AAC systems require the imposition of the technology between the AAC and the person or people they are communicating with. Thus a technical AAC system is often seen as a necessary evil. While efforts must continue to make technical AAC systems as unobtrusive as possible in an interaction, it may be worthwhile to also experiment with a completely different approach. What if we considered an AAC system, not as a tool to be used by one person in an interaction, but as a third element in the interaction, to be used by both parties?

There are at least two communication support systems that were designed to work round the communication difficulty of one participant in a dialogue by engaging both participants in a structured activity which results in a satisfying communicational encounter. These systems may offer clues as to how we might proceed.


There seems to be potential here for AAC users and games designers to come together, to devise a new way of interacting through a computer-based system.