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Research Legacy and Looking Forward

  • Janice Murray (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Pam Enderby (University of Sheffield)
  • Sarah Creer (University of Sheffield)

The AAC Evidence Base research project was commissioned and led by Communication Matters, and funded by the National Lottery through Big Lottery Fund. 

Communication Matters received two products from research partner Manchester Metropolitan University, which Communication Matters may continue to develop, to support research activity and information exchange:

  • Case study database, supported by a case study template that evolved from the research process. Already, there is a healthy number of contributions to this databank. The presentation will outline how you could contribute to the development of the databank, and also how you could access data for research and development purposes.
  • AACknowledge website. For those unfamiliar with it, we will explore its sections and content. In doing so for those who are already familiar with it, we will identify how it has already evolved and what the plans are for its future enhancement. This website offers members of CM an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with others.

Research partner University of Sheffield conducted a survey on the provision of AAC in the UK:

  • Surveys, interviews and site visits investigated current provision, service models and views of practitioners.
  • Surveys and interviews with AAC users and communication partners explored their experience of service provision.
  • The qualitative data identified a number of components that were required for effective service provision of aided-AAC and the ongoing use of aided-AAC.


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