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Setting Up Online Communication via Mouseless Browsing for Switch Users

Practice Report
  • Dante Rossi (Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability)
  • Marc Viera (Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability)

To demonstrate a method for switch users to access webpage links without having to tab or scroll through them, and to discuss how this method can be adapted for the needs of people with differing abilities.


When people who use switch scanning want to access online commmunication through computer access and communication software packages, their online experience is often limited by the package design. The 'Mouseless Browsing' Add-on for the web browser Mozilla Firefox allows the user access to links on a webpage by typing a number associated with a particular link, rather than having to scroll or tab through numerous options. This Add-on can be adapted to suit the needs of people with varying abilities.


The Mouseless Browsing Add-on to Mozilla Firefox is an invaluable tool in enhancing the online experience for people with a variety of complex disabilities. If it is used in conjunction with other Add-ons and adapted to individual need, it can make switch access to on-line communication less frustrating and more efficient for the user.


The Mouseless Browsing Add-on gives a switch user an experience much closer to direct access than other more traditional switch access solutions.

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