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Motor Neurone Disease - A Review of Local Service Provision: What lessons can we learn?

Practice Report
  • Polly Wingate-Saul (Bristol Communication Aid Service)
  • Vicky Styles (Bristol Communication Aid Service)

Following an increase in the number of referrals of people with Motor Neurone Disease to the Bristol Communication Aid Service, it became apparent that equipment provision for this client group was not always timely, and often too late. This paper presents a review of service provision with the aim of identifying strategies to improve the service to provide a platform for further discussion.


Retrospective review of client notes over a two year period. Recording of data including date of diagnosis, date of referral, date of intial assessment, date of equipment trial, length of time from recommendation to provision of equipment and length of time equipment used for.


Referrals were often made in the later stages of the disease with emphasis on eye-gaze technology as the desired solution and with associated high expectations. Clients were often too ill to be able to use it or received equipment too late to gain maximum benefit.


The conclusions of this review will be disseminated at this session.