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An Introduction to AAC for Local SLT Students

  • Catherine Harris (Communication Matters)
  • Toby Hewson (Just Different)
  • Sally Chan (Paediatric Communication Aids Service, Bristol)

By invitation only: this is a closed session just for local speech & language therapy students

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is a potentially life changing phenomenon. Communication Matters believes AAC should be a 'first port of call and not a last resort'. Most people who present with a speech or language difficulty can benefit from some form of AAC. However, for many reasons, it often does not seem to get the exposure it perhaps should do within Speech and Language Therapy courses.

Our annual conference is being held at Leeds University for the first time this year. This session is for Leeds students, to introduce you to the power of AAC and to the charity Communication Matters which aims to support people who use AAC, their families, the professionals who work with them, researchers, developers and suppliers of the systems and equipment.

We will introduce Communication Matters as a charity; explain what AAC is; describe the full range of AAC from 'no-tech to high-tech'; and will share the personal experience of someone who uses AAC. There will also be the opportunity to visit an exhibition facilitated by leading suppliers of AAC systems and equipment.

This is a session not to be missed. Start your AAC journey here!

Presenters are: Cathy Harris, Chair of Communication Matters; Sally Chan, Manager of the Paediatric Communication Aid Service in Bristol and a Communication Matters Trustee; and Toby Hewson, CEO of Just Different and a Communication Matters Trustee.

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