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Evaluation of Provision Only Service in East Kent

Practice Report
  • Ladan Najafi (East Kent Adult Communication and Assistive Technology Service)

It is not always necessary for the ACAT multidisciplinary team to be involved in the assessment of a client. Where a trained and competent local therapist has assessed a person with disabilities and recognises that specialist input by a multidisciplinary team for the assessment of AAC or computer access is not required, the therapist can then identify the appropriate Assistive Technology equipment/software/app and put a referral through for provision. Informal feedbacks are sometimes provided by the local therapists on how the clients are getting on; however, there is no system in place for the ACAT service to monitor the effectiveness of this service. The aim of this project is to evalute the "Provision Only" pathway.


Three hundred and seven service users were identified through the service's database that have been provided with AT devices under the provision only service. A questionnaire was developed and service users were contacted where appropriate. Data was then analysed.


At the time of submission of this abstract, data collection is not completed. This is due to be completed in June and analysed by July. Final results will be available for CM conference in September.


Initial analysis of the collected data has revealed some common issues in abandoning AT devices. These issues are related to lack of training, limited on-going follow ups, not taking into account the user preferences at all times and limited monitoring of changing needs. Provision of AAC is an on-going process as the users' abilities, environment, networks of support, needs, etc, may change. One issue identified with the provision only service is that, as the local therapists' period of intervention is limited and they have to discharge their clients once their intervention period is completed, there will not be any on-going monitoring process for AAC or computer access. The ACAT service will be looking into implementing a follow-up process for this service.

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