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Developing Knowledge and Skills in AAC: The worker's journey

Research Stream
  • Janet Scott (SCTCI)
  • Susan Shandley (NHS Education for Scotland)

The AAC Workforce Education and Development Framework is a collaborative venture between NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and Communication Matters, and is part of the Right to Speak agenda (Scottish Government, 2012). The aim has been to improve the experiences, opportunities and quality of life for people who use AAC by ensuring that the people who work with them have sufficient knowledge, have the required skills, and feel confident in their capability to do a good job.


This has been developed from the perspective of promoting positive outcomes for children and adults who use AAC, gleaned through: evidence, best practice guidance and literature reviews; reviews of existing competency frameworks; and stakeholder consultation and engagement.


The Framework has six parts: (1) description of the continuum knowledge and skills required of workers; (2) self-assessment tool; (3) good practice examples; (4) description of the organisational capabilities and responsibilities; (5) links to existing professional/sector specific frameworks; (6) links to existing resources and learning opportunities.


This Framework is for all workers who have contact with children and adults who use AAC. It describes the AAC specific knowledge and skills required to bring about positive outcomes for people who use AAC. It is also for people who use AAC to help them identify what they may need in terms of a knowledgeable and skilled workforce to support them at all stages of their AAC journey.

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