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Connect to Control: How we can do the 'bells and whistles'

Sponsored Research
  • Rohan Slaughter (Beaumont College)
Funding / Sponsorship: 
Project was funded by Scope, parent charity of the College. BT funded equipment and staff time (although not the author's) at Beaumont College for the project.

To decribe how AAC devices can be used for functions other than talking, this includes general computing, telephone services, access to the internet, social networking and environmental control systems (ECS). This session describes the practice present at Beaumont College to enable students to do all of these things.


Beaumont College has worked on two large scale projects that are partnerships between BT and Scope; our current project is called 'Connect to Control'. This presentation is intended to update the audience on work presented at CM2009: 'Can we do the bells and whistles?'. This presentation shows that we can 'do the bells and whistles'.


The assistive technologist role as developed at Beaumont College over the last decade has been critical in the success of assistive technology development at Beaumont College and through other projects (like DART) in wider contexts.


The BT projects have allowed us to develop links with the rest of the multi (or trans) disciplinary team at the college, including OT, SLT, PT and teachers in order to assess for, design, implement the solution and train the user to use a bespoke assistive technology system centred on an AAC community of practice model.