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Communication Matters on the Sofa

Sunday Plenary
  • Paul Maynard MP
  • Lee Ridley
  • Mark Rowland
  • Tom Griffiths

Have you ever wondered what Lee Ridley (star comic and Communication Matters' newest patron) thinks is his worst ever gig? Or what Paul Maynard MP does to relax outside of politics? Or who Mark Rowland (who writes music with his foot and some digital wizardry) counts as his main influences? Well, now's your chance to find out!

Come and join us for Communication Matters' debut chat-show and find out more about three of our special guests at conference this year. We can promise you the full Jonathan Ross experience: lively chat, fun videos and live music. Each of our candidates will take to the sofa opposite host Tom Griffiths (who has promised to keep his rubbish jokes to a minimum) and answer a few questions about themselves. We expect an hour of laughs and revelations: a perfect way to get the conference started!

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All Ages