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Communication in My World

Personal Experience
  • Julie Bello
  • Natasha Bello

Julie is trying to create the best communication environments to ensure that Natasha still communicates and participates to her full ability when away from parental support. Julie will describe some successful strategies for creating 'buy in'. For example showing people in Natasha's life how the high, low and no-tech systems work, showing how Natasha uses each method, and demonstrating how people could interact with Natasha and provide help in maintaining her communicating skills. The family have also developed a booklet with troubleshooting tips.

Julie's big fear is that without her, no-one will challenge Natasha to communicate at higher levels; that she will be stuck in a corner and not bother to talk. As yet, there are mixed results of successful and non-successful communication moments and opportunities, and Julie concludes that there is more work to do.