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The Development of a Communication Charter in Cornwall

Practice Report
  • Sally Mills (Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust)
  • Celia Todd (Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust)

To share the process and experience of developing a multi-disciplinary communication charter for learning disability service providers in Cornwall across areas including health, social care, council services and voluntary sector.


Representatives from services throughout Cornwall were invited to develop the Cornwall Communication Charter, to determine what should be included in the charter, and what a charter would mean for service providers and organisations. The group have created the charter and drawn up an action plan for launch events, how to share the charter and encourage services to sign up, and therefore commit to meeting the requirements laid out in the charter. The launch date will coincide with the AAC awareness month in October 2013.


There was a consensus in the group that there was a need for such a charter in Cornwall and a genuine desire to see it succeed. However, when discussing how to ensure the charter's success, there were a number of potential issues that were identified including training and commissioning.


The group hope to have organisations signing up to the Charter with the ultimate goal of seeing a positive change in ethos and understanding of communication needs within services and organisations in Cornwall.

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