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Communication Matters: Has it got a role in transition?

  • Sandra Hartley (Communication Matters)

Communication Matters asked me to expand membership numbers of people who use AAC. I got the sponsorship but not the members, why?

I met with people who use AAC, families and professionals to explore just what it is they would like Communication Matters to do for them. Students I met told me about their fear for the future in the void post school/college. Adults talked about their isolation and desire to be in touch with other AAC users.

The aim of this open discussion session is to inform Communication Matters strategy, shaping the work it does moving forward to support not just members but all people who use AAC. Can Communication Matters and its members fill the void? Can we provide a safety net of resources, information and events? Can we reach new members to strengthen and better support this section of the membership?

Come along and shape the future – refreshments supplied!

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