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ACE Centre Needs You! Getting involved in ACE Centre projects

  • Suzanne Martin (ACE Centre)
  • Will Wade (ACE Centre)

ACE Centre, based in Oldham and Oxford, is a national charity providing services to people of all ages with AT and AAC needs. Alongside our service delivery we also undertake development projects. This talk will discuss our current and ongoing projects which includes the DFE National Prospectus Grant which is being delivered by a consortium of ACE Centre, Communication Matters and 1Voice.

Objective 1 of the project is to improve and develop information resources, including an update to the Speech Bubble website and the integration of the appsforaac resource. Objective 2 focuses on recommendations for a robust Quality Assurance Scheme to provide clear guidance to service users, families, providers and commissioners on the key elements of an effective AAC service. And finally, Objective 3 will assist in developing an infrastructure to effectively engage AAC users in service development and review.

We are seeking input on all the objectives of the project from Communication Matters conference delegates.

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