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Introduction to the Lightwriter Swift: The newest communication aid by Toby Churchill Ltd

  • Neel Shearer (Toby Churchill Ltd)

The Lightwriter Swift is the newest communication aid from Toby Churchill Ltd. Using all the knowledge built up in nearly 40 years of communication aid manufacture, and canvassing the experience of people who use AAC, therapists and teachers, we have developed what we believe to be the smallest and most discreet dedicated communication aid in the world.

The pocket-sized Lightwriter Swift maintains eye contact communication with its dual screen technology, enhanced sound quality and rapidly employed, naturally sounding speech whilst being small enough to be out of sight when support for communication is not required. The unique access method uses Quick Touch Controls with a joystick centrepiece as well as providing rapid access to personalised sociable sounds that enable the user to acknowledge their participation and thoughts in conversations instantly.

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