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Symbol Vocabulary to Talk About Abuse

  • Janet Larcher

To provide a simple structure to enable symbol users to talk about any form of abuse.


This vocabulary was originally designed to be used by Registered Intermediaries in their support of witnesses interviewed by the police and when subsequently giving  evidence in court. The resultant vocabulary, which has required the design of several new symbols, would be valuable for use in schools and care homes.

There are currently 32 pages of vocabulary but no page has more than twelve symbols and many have only six symbols to minimise the effort needed to talk about these stressful events


The vocabulary is available in Widgit Literacy Symbols, PCS and Bliss but could be translated into other symbol sets if the appropiate symbols are available. There is no cost to the vocabulary other than the purchase of the symbols. It is currently available in printed form and in The Grid2 and in Gridplayer for the iPad.


It would be valuable to get the vocabulary out into as wide a range of settings as possible, to encourage people to talk about abuse and thereby, perhaps, discourage its occurence. This will also enable the vocabulary to be refined and improved.

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