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Personal Narratives for Adults with Severe Speech and Physical Impairments: Training techniques

  • Suzanne Prior
  • Annalu Waller
  • Rolf Black
  • Rachel Menzies
  • Thilo Kroll

Our aim is to explore the concept of personal narratives for adults with severe speech and physical impairments (SSPI). Over two sessions, on different days, we will explore  the importance of personal narrative and how the use of personal narrative by adults with SSPI can be encouraged and supported.

This first session will present methods we have piloted in a group which has focused on developing the narrative-sharing skills of adults with SSPI.


The CHRONICLES project’s aim is to improve the narrative-sharing skills of adults with SSPI and to then support these skills through new technology. We have piloted techniques in creating a narrative sharing group in an adult care centre while simultaneously developing software which can be run on many AAC devices.

We have asked someone who uses AAC to evaluate our software over the course of the conference by using it to gather narratives and to share these with people they come into contact with.


The results of our pilot study demonstrated that adults with SSPI were able to share stories and, with support, were able to develop good storytelling skills. We have also seen a growth in their confidence and relationships with peers. The initial results of the software evaluation have also been positive.


We have demonstrated the ability of adults with SSPI to share stories; we are now developing technology to support this ability. This technology is now at a high level prototype stage and we hope to complete it by the end of the year.

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