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Elklan Training Package 'Communication Support for AAC'

  • Andrea Kirton
  • Henrietta McLachlan
  • Liz Elks
Funding / Sponsorship: 
Project funded by Elklan Ltd.

This paper will present a project in which an accredited training package for people supporting those using AAC has been developed.


After years of experience training a range of people who support AAC users, I identified a need for a structured training package which could be readily delivered to provide background understanding of all aspects of AAC. I had seen the success of the other Elklan modules in developing the skills of those working with children with special needs, so Elklan was approached as a partner.

I drew together my previous training experience, my AAC knowledge and my understanding of the Elklan principles, and created a complete training package. This course covers unaided communication and low- and high-tech AAC, provides course participants with skills they can use with all AAC users and enables them to support AAC in their environment. The package includes a coursebook; PowerPoints with video clips and practical activities; and a portfolio to be completed by the course participants. The course is accredited with the Open College Network and can be delivered by Elklan registered tutors. It would be suitable for teachers, support staff carrying out SLT programmes and speech therapy assistants, but also for generalist speech and language therapists needing to develop their AAC skills.


The course is currently is awaiting publication, which is planned for summer 2012.

Level of Session 
Age Group 
All Ages