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Electronic Communication and Assistive Technology Section of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA eCAT): Position paper launch

  • David Morgan (BHTA eCAT)

To set the scene, we will give some background to the history of 'Trade Associations' in the AAC industry, the BHTA in general and the eCAT section in detail; how the BHTA can help both purchasers and users of AAC; and then we will explain what a 'position paper' is, why we are producing it, who it is aimed at and what we hope it will achieve.


The position paper has been produced in collaboration with all the suppliers who are part of the BHTA eCAT section and have researched what happens in other countries as well as the practices in the UK.


The findings of research into what other countries provide in terms of both provision of AAC devices and systems to allow for assessment, etc, showed that the UK government and local services falls well short of what others do and also what should be provided, which led to the need for this paper.


We hope that the production of this document will support the work of the Communication Champion and Communication Matters.

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