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Cinderella: An AAC Pantomime

Tuesday Plenary 1
Practice Report
  • Pamela Cornwallis
  • Dithe Fisher

You are invited hear about the AAC pantomime Cinderella and see our video highlights. The stars were people who use AAC and everyone in the audience had access to an AAC system. Bring your AAC system, if you have one. You will need to shout Boo and Hooray! If you don't have a Talker, there will be a few to borrow.

This presentation will describe the planning, performance and outcomes of a pantomime which starred people who use AAC, and was performed to an audience of people using AAC devices.


We were awarded a grant from Augmentative Communication in Practice: Scotland (ACiP:S) which allowed us to hire a venue, pay for colourful costumes and professional set, and host a tea party after the show. We wrote the script with the individuals in mind, and rehearsed with them in ones and twos, but we only had one full rehearsal. This worked because we had planned the rehearsal and the event itself in fine detail, and had a team of excellent vollunteers who kept things running (reasonably) smoothly. 


The show went well; the cast were delighted with themselves, and the audience participation was fantastic. We videod the whole event so the participants could have a record, and we have permission to use the video for training and awareness purposes, such as this conference. 


The pantomime took a huge amount of our own time, but was an excellent way to build confidence, develop relationships, raise awareness, and have fun together. We had never been involved in anything of the kind before, so we learned about production practicalities as we went along. The young people are asking what we are going to do next year, and we are keen to put on another show in order to use what we have learned and maintain the benefits from the first event.