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Arthur’s AAC Journey: A case study showing how non-VOCA technology and mounting influences VOCA use

  • Marc Viera
  • Gerard Cullen

A review of Arthur's journey from Lightwriter to iPad, to gain insight into key factors leading to new VOCA preference.


Arthur wanted to use an AlphaSmart portable wordprocesser, but couldn't position it so he could also use his existing Lightwriter. After trying several mounting solutions, Arthur gained significant insight, which influenced the success of the mount chosen. Eventually Arthur changed to wordprocessing on an iPad, which led to additional mounting changes. However, he was unwilling to use the iPad as a VOCA. Only after increased skill and confidence in iPad use as a word processor did Arthur change his VOCA preference. 


Creative and custom mounting solutions, as well as Arthur’s skill and confidence with a new technology, were key factors that led to his change in VOCA preference.  Effective articulation of his needs, based on his experience, led Arthur to a better functional outcome which increased his quality of life.


Long-term trials may be crucial for properly matching technology to a client’s needs.  A client’s needs change as level of knowledge, interests, and skill sets change. Acceptance of a VOCA is a complex and dynamic process, highly dependent on the user’s personal experience.

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