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Android for AAC, Environmental Control and Switch Scanning

  • Gary Derwent

The field of AAC has been revolutionised in recent years by iPads and apps. Android devices are a rival to these, promoted by Google and a wide variety of hardware manufacturers. Android devices use a similar model of easily downloadable apps. Android Apps for AAC and environmental control (EC) are increasingly available, although not yet to the scale of apps for iPads.

This paper will introduce the audience to Android and discuss the pros and cons of Android versus iOS systems then present an overview of the state of the market for Android apps for AAC and EC. The paper will also briefly compare switch scanning on both systems and consider whether the smaller format devices are suitable for scanning AAC. 


This is an informal study. The author has monitored the proliferation of AAC apps on the Android platform over several years, testing many of them, and has developed prototype means of scanning on small format Android devices. 


The Android platform remains well behind iOS for AAC apps at present, but there is a great deal of activity in developing and improving Android Apps for AAC. 


At present, most AAC users looking for mobile apps would be advised to choose iOS apps for iPad. There may be limited circumstances where Android is a suitable choice, and the market is developing rapidly.

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