Join Us for the Communication Matters 3.4 Challenge in Spring 2021!

You may have heard of The 2.6 Challenge which took place on 26th April 2020 instead of the London Marathon. Supporters were encouraged to take up the 2.6 Challenge and do any activity relating to a 2 and a 6 or 26. For example, running 2.6 miles or flipping 26 pancakes in a row!

We are taking our own twist on this online event and hosting the Communication Matters 3.4 Challenge!

Our 34th AAC Conference was due to be held in September 2020, but sadly had to be cancelled because of COVID-19. The conference is a brilliant opportunity for the AAC community to come together and learn and share knowledge about AAC, network and dance!

We have experienced a huge loss of income due to COVID-19 and the charity may not be able to continue without significant funding. That’s why we are calling on you and the rest of the fantastic AAC community to come together at this difficult time and help to raise much-needed funds for CM.

The challenge is open to anyone. All you need to do is think of an activity based around the numbers 34 or 3.4 that suits your skills and complete it between 21st March (one year since lockdown) and 3rd April (3/4). You can do it at home and raise funds from your very own living room, bedroom, balcony, or garden.

You could pledge to run 3.4 miles, do 34 minutes of yoga, or juggle for 3.4 minutes non-stop!

To find out more please visit: