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CALL Scotland

Area covered 


Population served 

0-19 years


Rather than ‘caseload’, CALL counts ‘new referrals’ (c. 35 per year) and ‘pupils seen’ (ie 35 +ongoing follow ups, approx 45 per year) = 80 N.B. Only a proportion of total number of referrals are for AAC as such, therefore AAC clients per year average around 25-30.

Services provided 

- Assessment
- Loan
- Provision
- Ongoing support
- Training
- Information and advice
- Publications
- Website
- Research


9 members of staff (7.5 FTE) comprising:
- Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and Joint Coordinator
- Engineer, Educational Technologist and Joint Coordinator
- Psychologist and Visual Impairment Specialist
- Teacher and Training Services Coordinator
- Specialist Speech and Language Therapist
- Information Coordinator
- Technology Support Officer
- Administrator
- Senior Secretary/Resource Developer

Funded by 

Jointly funded:
- Scottish Government
- Local Authorities
- Research/Project Grants
- Consultancy
- Income from Training
- Publications, etc.

Permanent or project 

Neither. Ongoing service, but on temporary (1 or 2 year) funding.

Referral process 

Through schools and Education Authorities